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We would like to take the privilege to introduce ourselves as a growing General Trading Company based in the wholesale business hub of Dubai, UAE. With a history of diversified business in the GCC and Indian subcontinent, we have made our market presence in a short period of time with our commitment to quality and competitive pricing. Our General Trading division started operations in 2014, primarily focusing on FMCG wholesale imports, exports and distribution. With a loyal customer network in the GCC & African markets, we are consistently expanding our range of products for the region, supported by strong fundamentals and privileged with a stable financial background that contributes to our growth. Anchored by transparent and ethical business practices, we strive to grow and make business influence in both established and emerging markets.




We are an effervescent brand echoing the celebratory spirit of good life and good food underlined by the global culture. FESTIVA is the vitalizing fusion of elements that treat your senses. Boundless with energy to bring you the best, we would like you to be delighted in our products with the belief of our utmost commitment to superior standards and a deep sense of edible refinement.

The intrinsic values of any culture is defined by evolved patterns that are repeated in the form of traditions and rituals that bring together people year after year.

assortment of dry tea, isolated on white

Assam CTC Leaf tea

assortment of dry tea, isolated on white

Cardamom Tea

assortment of dry tea, isolated on white

Darjeeling Tea

assortment of dry tea, isolated on white

Tulsi tea


Special Tea Blends


This product category includes tea varieties that contain two or more types of tea, or are mixtures of tea leaves with flowers, herbs, spices, and/or other substances, or teas that have added natural or artificial flavourings or aromas. These blends have their own individuality and taste. These are available in organic forms also, which have their own therapeutic effects when consumed regularly.

Tulsi Tea Green Tea Tulsi green Tea
White Tea Assam Tea Cardamom Tea
Cinnamon Tea Ginger Tea Masala Tea
Orthodox Tea Darjeeling Tea