Retailing with responsibility, a motto which we adhere to bring our customers, products rich in quality and price competitiveness. Rewarding ourselves through customer service and satisfaction, we are continually adding superior brands to our retail product segment. We consider providing reliable and quality consumer products with competitiveness in price consistency and product satisfaction as our strong selling point. Our retail division caters to supplying in demand products to supermarkets, local supply chains, groceries, convenience stores and institutions.

Consumer Pack


Private labelling

Our products, your brand, your design – Customised to your requirements

We undertake private labelling of products under your brand or label for retail, wholesale or, exports. From sourcing to your warehouse, we can undertake any volume of export requirements for the markets of your choice.


Catering Blend


The blends are specially made targeting the Hotel, Restaurants & Cafeterias (HORECA) Businesses. These lose tea granular blends will undoubtedly match your tea taste loved by your customers, It’s guaranteed to retain the taste, strength and flavour, whether prepared singly or mixed with other blends of your choice. We are currently supplying to over 400 plus customers and growing.

Special Infusion Blends/Teas


This product category includes versatile varieties of tea that contain two or more types of tea, or are mixtures of tea leaves with flowers, herbs, spices, and/or other substances, or teas that have added natural or artificial flavorings or aromas. These blends have their own individuality and taste. These are available in organic forms also, which have their own therapeutic effects when consumed regularly.