Our wholesale division is engaged in bulk imports, exports and distribution of FMCG products to GCC region and other international markets. Through a network of independent supply chain partnerships we are able to cover large geographical areas locally and internationally, reaching the retail and wholesale vendors. We are fully equipped to meet any kind of volume required by the consumers.

We specialize in providing products under your corporate brand or label without compromising on quality and service. Catering to all segments of the B2B businesses through our extended partnerships of wholesale network. Working directly with the principles and suppliers to bring products of demand avoiding the middle channels of sourcing and supply. At Safeware General Trading LLC we believe in walking together and growing together. We are happy to seek and also extent mutual support by joining hands in achieving beneficial business partnerships and/ or joint ventures. Our expertise predominantly lies in the wholesale supply of superior tea blends selectively sourced from the finest gardens of the world, mainly Assam and south India. With over 20+ years of experience and expertise in tea, we can tailor to your Import/ Export requirements without compromising on quality, reliability and consistency in continues volume supply.

Catering Blend


Please feel free to contact us, your enquires are very important to us


Caterpillar building
Entrance No: 3, M06-9N
Salahuddin Street, PB: 52206
Hor Al Anz, Dubai.

T: +971 42 256 267

mail: festiva@safewaretrading.com

Please feel free to contact, your enquiries are important to us.

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